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Last Updated: June 29, 1999

Welcome to Under ICONstruction!

Please feel free to look around while we work. Here you'll find the construction crew busy at work creating all sorts of new icons, as well as a nifty virtual building to store it in. We've just begun construction, so there isn't much to look at. Take a stroll to the "Current Sets" area to see what's available for download. Since there are no old sets at this time, the "Old Sets" section is closed. "Tools" has a few items that you can take home with you, in case you need some help managing your icon collection. The rest of the site is pretty easy to figure out, so have a go! Please pardon our dust, and (dare I say it?) this site is always under construction. =P

Icon Amazons
Female Iconists UNITE!
IconJam 99
From Icon Planet

Under ICONstruction is proud to be a part of these fine sites!

What's New?

6/29/99 - Opening of Site!
1 new set - Smiley 1.0

Smiley 1.0 is ready for download in the Current Sets area!

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